Greed, lust, pride, envy and laziness: architect Adam D. Tihany was inspired by these sins of the senses when he designed the Boscolo Aleph 5-star Luxury hotel in Rome’s Via San Basilio.

At the Boscolo Aleph, the greedy find the perfect place: the Restaurant is called Sin. Angel is the name of the bar. Dionysus that of the Wine Bar: everything here is a question of celestial pleasures. The word lust, in Latin luxus, has the same roots as luxury. And guests of the Boscolo Aleph are spoilt by beauty in rooms with a Liberty and Deco atmosphere.

The pride is anyone’s who feels the privilege of being hosted in such a special hotel and envy is the feeling of those who have not yet stayed there.

The SPA is the place set aside for laziness, where relaxation is the order of the day and the art of living as the ancient Romans did, capable of presenting you with new and seductive emotions, to make your stay one full of well-being.

Aleph, a word literally meaning zero, derives from the Hebrew alphabet and may be considered a starting-point around which everything revolves and to which everything returns. An illusion which lasts for ever: like Rome, an immortal city.

Architect Adam Tihany was inspired by the five sins: greed, lust, pride, envy and laziness when he designed the hotel.