Hotel Art


The Boscolo Aleph in Rome has walls full of the history of an old palace, the former offices of an illustrious credit house, now splendidly renovated. Through a door one enters a real Paradise, namely the SPA, hidden in the vaults of the old bank and open also to non-staying guests.

On the ground floor there is the meeting area, a real limbo set aside for business.

The famous architect Adam D. Tihany, who designed this whimsical building, was born in Transylvania in 1948, grew up in Israel and graduated in architecture at Milan’s Polytechnic. In 1978 he opened a multi-disciplinary design studio in New York, which has always been distinctive for its innovative approach to designing for the hotel industry. His sophisticated and often revolutionary designs are the result of his unusual global out look. He himself has defined the Aleph as "not a place, but rather a state of mind ".

On the walls in the rooms there are large prints in black and white of work by Bram Tihany, a photographer from the streets of New York, which portray daily life in Roman times.

The Boscolo Aleph won the 2004 Villegiature Awards in Paris for the best interior design in Europe.